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Hi Jann,

I am very happy with my Fhoenix treeless dressage saddle. Not only is it extremely comfortable to ride in, but I also believe that my horses are able to move more freely than with a normal dressage saddle, I never have saddle fitting worries, as being treeless, the memory foam in the Fhoenix moulds to and fits any horse I put it on.

Cheers  Barb Clark  Putaruru


I have had a Fhoenix Dressage saddle for the last 8 months and just love it.  I have young horses coming through all of the time and it just moulds around them beautifully, even my daughters 13.3hh pony fits it nicely.  This saddle give me almost the freedom of bareback.

Thankyou for introducing them to NZ Jann

Lynley Bolt 

Rhythm Sporthorses .

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