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Designed by Heather Moffett, when she developed bursal enlargements of the seatbones in her pursuit of the Classical Seat! The average saddle has a solid type of foam in the seat, and is then covered in a drum tight piece of leather. This is not very forgiving to the seatbones, which can easily become bruised and damaged with long hours in the saddle. Heather was, disastrously for a professional horsewoman, unable to ride for several months, until she developed the Seatbone Saver. Since then, (twelve years ago), she has suffered no more problems.

The secret is the foam inside the pad - developed for use in American military pilot’s seats, to withstand the ‘G’ forces of ejector seats. The foam moulds to the rider’s shape, and unlike ordinary plastic or latex foams, does not spring back, taking a few seconds to return to shape. This assists the rider to absorb the movement of a big-moving or bouncy horse, and is also great for back sufferers. The outer cover being made of suede does not slip on the saddle, and the pad fits in seconds by means of adjustable straps, which fit discreetly under the saddle flaps, keeping the pad very secure.

Rider stability and position in the saddle are greatly assisted, because instead of sitting on top of a slippery, hard seat, the rider sinks into the suede-covered foam. They are ideal to take on riding holidays, transforming the comfort of even the hardest saddle. When the rider is comfortable, he or she moves less in the saddle, making life easier for the horse.

Saddles can feel very different in balance from one model to another, and this can affect the rider’s balance and security. Many riders have remarked that the Seatbone Saver affords a continuity of feel to each saddle.

Recently redesigned to give an even better feel and fit, the Seatbone Saver is available in black or brown suede.

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