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Suber Pad Testimonials

Hi Jann,

I have ridden my horse in the suberpad several times now (after lunging him in it for a week previous) and it has made a fantastic difference.  He is moving freely once again and is again willing to canter.  He is the delight to ride that he was when I tried him out. The saddle is no longer hurting his back and the wet patch is lovely and even down both sides of his spine after being ridden.  He has a slight sway and a slight roach so it would be difficult for any other pad to fit the bill as well as the suber has.

It does not take long to get over the perched feeling and we had a fantastic ride yesterday.

It has been worth every cent and I am glad that I have it for any other horse in the future.  I will be recommending it for sure.

Kind regards

Jane Valentine-Burt.   Hobsonville.  Auckland

Dear Jann

Just a note to say that I am delighted with the results achieved with the Suberpad- it should be called the super-pad! My middle aged TB had a fair amount of atrophy of muscle behind the wither.  This was caused by an extended period of spelling (me and the horse!) and the lack of  'proper work,' schooling.  Initially I wasn't sure of the pad - being a little more "perched " so to speak, and having to be a bit more organised to have it damp for the ride.  But after a few weeks I started to notice a real difference.  By two months the muscle had built up and by three months you would never notice there was a problem.  I am sure I could have achieved this earlier if I rode more frequently! One thing that has truly impressed me is that there is no pressure on the wither area, and although more padded than a "puffa" my horse still seems to be able to feel me on top of him.


Lesley Palmer , Sheffield, South Island.


Hi there Jann, Well Testimonial time.  Thanks.  A friend of mine is going to contact you for a pad thanks and i am showing everyone cos i believe that these pads are priceless.
Please edit this as you feel it needs - i am trying to get the info on paper but there is so much i am having difficulty - it is emotional too because it is like a miracle after so long being unhappy - I even thought that i was
not supposed to have them.  boy I cried some tears.


I purchased my suberpad approx 3-4 weeks ago, I have taken so long to send my story because I wanted to be absolutely sure that the pad 'really worked'.  Anyone who has had problems with saddle fitting knows that things that 'appear' to work - often don't after a week or so riding.

I can now say that the suberpad is the best thing I have ever used on my horses!!! (and I have tried a lot over the last 2 years)

I began by light riding.My horse Pepsi, generally moves with his head in the air and tight in the shoulder - well he just kept stretching - and stretching, I was working him on the flat and he had his nose almost on the ground he was so comfortable.
I have never had him so relaxed before, This relaxation has continued and although he now has his head in a more 'normal' position he no longer holds himself stiff and is so relaxed.

My other horse Bounty was my biggest concern and has been ridden bareback for almost a year, he was very unhappy to have any saddle on him due to saddles not fitting properly (although I had tried many - he is very hard to fit and his saddles kept slipping back). He twitched and fiddled around when being saddled - and was stiff and very unhappy when mounted, to the point where he had bucked .I had a saddle professionally fitted at great cost only to find that he was no longer comfortable with it after several rides, and it still kept slipping back!!! - boy was I annoyed. I was also told that he had uneven muscle on his withers and that this was walking the saddles back.

I have spent lots of money on Bowen therapy, and this would be wonderful till I put another saddle on him - he HATED them. Having said that I truly believe the Bowen helped keep him going.  If I took the saddle off and got on him bareback he would relax again and would be fine, however this is very limiting when riding out. When ridden in a saddle he would trot funny (lunge on one leg) and would be really unhappy so I would not ride him.

I am a 5'10" 98kg person and believed that I was doing the damage because of my weight, hence my obsession with getting things prefect for them, however the more I learned, and the more I met horses that had sore backs I began to recognise that weight really had no bearing in this - a badly fitted saddle is a badly fitted saddle no matter how small the fault, and no matter how heavy or light you are the horse suffers. I guess weight made it happen faster etc but I have met loads of horses with sore backs that have very lightweight riders - but badly fitted saddles.

After riding him in the suberpad for the last few weeks I can safely say that this has been a huge breakthrough - we went on a 4 hour beach ride last weekend and he was comfortable and relaxed the whole time, he had NO sore points at all, (unlike me, I was sore all over - I have never galloped so far and I am getting old) and after taking the saddle off he had even sweat  under the saddle pad areas. The suberpad worked so well in fact that when my daughter rode Bounty the next day he showed no signs of soreness, stiffness or reluctance to have a saddle on or be ridden he is relaxed and happy.Another thing i have noticed is that my horses do not sweat as much as they used to - possibly due to being more relaxed under saddle.The sweat area from the saddle rolls on the horses back appears to be larger also, I believe that the suberpad allows for a larger weight distribution
area as the sweat area on the back reflects the whole panel area of the saddle - all of the panel area, not just a bit of it.  It is possible that the suberpad allows the saddle to embrace the horses back rather than just 'sit' on top.

My horses are happier and healthier than they have been in years. I honestly believe that every horse deserves the opportunity to feel so good under saddle, I know that my horses are working better than they ever have, they are happy, relaxed and best of all - PAIN FREE. I can now confidently begin working my horses toward any discipline I choose.

Thank you to those people that had the insight to look outside the square and create these suber cork filled pads.

Vivienne Somerville,  Whangarei








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